Construction Cleanup

Constructions, renovations, and remodeling projects involve a lot of work. It takes numerous sets of hands to finish the job and requires different sets of professionals to successfully build a strong and dependable structure.

Aside from the commonly daunting tasks before, during, and after construction, it

also leaves behind a lot of junk that needs to be disposed of. From broken concrete, leftover lumber, corrugated iron cuttings, uprooted nails and screws, to plasterboards, you’ll find all types of construction materials here.

Dealing with all the construction debris leftover from your home improvement project is hard work. You have to haul it away, dispose of it properly and then clean up after yourself so you don’t get fined by your city or neighborhood association. No matter how careful you are there will always be some trash that gets overlooked when cleaning up at the end of a job site.

The last thing anyone wants is for their neighbors to see an eyesore like this sitting in front of their house because they’re too busy trying to find someone who can take care of it for them!

Your construction junk is our expertise. We offer a fast and affordable junk removal service. We use our long years of experience, specialized tools, equipment, and resources, and our keen eye on detail to our construction clean-up contract. We are trained to work smoothly with other people without disrupting their functions and productivity, so whether you’re still on the demolition/pre-construction, or during renovation, remodeling, and construction, or finished up the job, we can do the cleanup process in no time.

Being a fully trained and bonded junk removal and cleaning company, we have designated construction cleanup professionals who have honed specialized skills and experience in delivering fast but organized cleanup leaving the construction area clean from construction debris.

We also accept a one-off job or regular recurring cleanup throughout the construction phase. Furthermore, our services are available to both commercial and residential construction set-ups. We can also do an add-on cleanup service such as yard junk disposal, furniture removal, and thorough appliance removal because we report to work ready for any additional requests. As long as you need us to cover your cleaning and junk removal needs, we’ll be right there to haul all debris. We are just one call away.

We believe that clean construction sites should be normalized to avoid accidents. Don’t let a preventable incident disrupt or delay the construction process. Have your waste removed by the expert and enjoy a clutter-free workplace that will boost your team’s productivity.

Our Construction Cleanup includes:

  • Rough/Initial Construction Cleanup

It is done after installation, plumbing, electrical wiring and installations, and necessary framing we’re done. It involves the removal of large construction waste such as slabs of concrete, debris, trash, and other leftover materials.

Anything that cannot be vacuumed should be safely removed by initial construction clean-up.

  • Exterior Construction Cleanup

Clutters of construction waste and debris are removed through exterior Construction Cleanup where we conduct a quick, expansive, and detailed sweep of the construction area. This job is relatively significant to renovations and remodeling tasks because of the amount of debris that the job generates.

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